The analysis of the second set of tarot cards is as follows:

Your current situation: You are now in a stage of learning, maybe you just started working, changed to a new environment or stepped out of your comfort zone. You are still young or you may have less life experience. You have a simple thought that want to live in the moment.

Who is suitable for you: You are more suitable to have a partner who is more mature and hard-working, and focuses more on career. He/she may not care too much on give and take. Family will be their main focus. Therefore, they are able to bring a stable relationship with permission to you. At the same time, they are able to take care of you and offer you useful and valuable recommendations to you who are more likely to be older than you. People who have the features mentioned above are possible to be your soul mate, therefore, if you’ve met them, grab the chance!

Matched sign of constellations: Earth sign (Taurus, capricorn and virgo)

Remember to explore more people who have similar characteristics mentioned above, maybe he/she is already right next to you.