“Message from #HAPi Botanic Community”

A Chinese New Year without flower market seems like something is missing this year. But we still have to insist on some traditions even when the epidemic is still severe. New year flower is a must-have-item in Lunar New Year to imply that there will be a bright beginning. In order to keep this tradition, #HAPi has broken through the tradition and hold our first online flower market with a view to share the blessing from the flower world.

Among daffodil, chrysanthemum, peach blossom, calamondin, solanum mammosum and dracaena sanderiana, we have picked orchid as our #HAPi flower queen in this Chinese New Year.

Our botanic department has sourced different sizes of orchids. Orchids are born to be domineering and elegant. In order to explore more elegant CNY flowers for all of you, our florist, Jenny, has boldly applied some Japanese elements, like mizuhiki, japanese textiles or rose gold decoration to the orchid potted plants.

Our florise wish to break through the traditional image of CNY flowers by adopting modern design to our #HAPi orchid. Hope you will like it.

CNY Orchid


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