The analysis of the fourth set of tarot cards is as follows:

Your current situation: Your life is stable and busy now which most of your development are on the right track. You are mature and responsible with more life experience. Therefore, having a relationship is more likely to be a burden to you . You may not be able to feel the true enjoyment in a relationship. A long- term relationship is your goal, therefore, you may feel stressed by considering more of the reality factors.

Who is suitable for you: A person who are energetic and emotional would be more suitable to you. Their energy and aggressiveness are able to motivate you and power you up while their emotional thoughts can open your mind and bear stress with you. They are outgoing which is totally different from you. Therefore, both of you can help each other with different characteristics and strengths. If you have found someone suitable to you, don’t hesitate to put more effort into pursuing a fruitful relationship.

Matched sign of constellations: People who have Pisces and Sagittarius characteristics

People who have the features mentioned above are possible to be your soul mate, therefore, if you’ve met them, grab the chance!