The analysis of the third set of tarot cards is as follows:

Your current situation: You may now stay in a relatively messy situation with lots of thought or ideas. Your thoughts are quite chaotic which could be a wind sign constellation like Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. For emotional aspects, you are probably to see the cover of the book merely which may easily be cheated. Also, you are not clear to figure out which type of partner you want, so you may easily begin a new relationship easily.

Who is suitable for you: A person with a clear goal, mind and plan would be more suitable for you. He/she may be able to provide reliable advice to you. They are good at analysis which can lead you to figure out the true side of a matter. They are probably to be older than you who are more mature and inspiring. People who have certain characteristics are most likely to be your marriage partner. So grab the chance!

Matched sign of constellations: Wind sign (especially Aquarius ) and Virgo

People who have the features mentioned above are possible to be your soul mate, therefore, if you’ve met them, grab the chance!