The analysis of the first set of tarot cards is as follows:

Your personality: You are relatively emotional, tenderness and patient, more likely to be water sign constellations (Pisces, Cancer or Scorpio). You are full of contagion which is able to bring love to people around you. You are willing to sacrifice all the things to pursue true love and an ideal relationship. A simple and happy relationship is your ideal love.

Who is suitable for you: People with creativity, curiosity and innovative ideas are suitable for you. They are able to bring endless freshness and romantic feelings to you. However, he/she has the opportunity to limit his own possibilities. Therefore, your care and love can infect he/she to step out of their comfort zone. So both of you can grow together and help each other.

Where can meet him/her: This person is possible to be your ex, a person you have flirted with before or who’d already known. You can pay more attention to them.

People who have the features mentioned above are possible to be your soul mate, therefore, if you’ve met them, grab the chance!